About the ELfabet

About the ELFABET

The  ELfabet has 22 letters and an EL.

The ELfabet is a monadically conceived communication tool for Cathedral Residents.  Cathedral Residents are registered inhabitants of the  Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends, see http://www.vilt.net/nkdee .

 The monadic nature of the ELfabet with its reference to Leibnizian Monadology (as infested by Cathedral Building Theory) is complex but suffice it to say

  •  that these clusters are mere gates
  •  that only through their continuing effect of ‘gating’ they are able to produce a rich ‘flow’ of mutual understanding within Residential Relations.
  • It would lead us to far in this context to attempt a further explication (unfolding)  of ‘mutual understanding within Residential relations’ or how such a thing reflects on our Being Near the Cathedral (or Withdrawal in Repulsion of the Cathedral for that matter, the difference is trite).

Those of you who wish to aspire to Cathedral Residency, a very rare privilege (the Waiting List is endless, chances  barely Are, Simply Forget It) would do good to at least train themselves in Reciting the ELfabet.

Reciting the ELfabet

Reciting the Elfabet is supposedly benificient for mere mortals as well as for Cathedral Residents. Charles does it all the Time. You could do it too. It’s not easy though, if it were we’d get rich selling it, wouldn’t we?

The ELfabet starts in the middle of our alfabet with the L, but the L is written Cyrillically as an indication of its aleph-like EL status a Cathedral Concept related to Bruno’s Causa, Principio e Uno. Never mind if you don’t know Giordano Bruno, he died in 1600, burned alife by a bunch of ignorant fools who happened to be in charge of things.. The Cyrillic notation also refers to Cathedral Resident Velemir Khlebnikov, whose spatio-semantic theories on the Russian consonants as basic units of meaning are at the heart of the Cathedral Letter system before it burst into paint with the ELfabet.

The ELfabet lacks a Q, an  X and a Y.

Next you need to recite both the next and the previous letter, going up and down in a dualistic fashion, but remember to start with a Splitting EL (see below).


> EL <

{ELplosion with apreceding a-e glide]


A good way to improve on the spiritual effects of EL Reciting is to pronounce the letters in triads in a trocheic rhythm, so that they change stress patterns with each run emkaén , jehooïé,.. the first time, next time elongate the Splitting EL into elemká, enjehóo,..

Given sufficient repetition your breathing will become steered by the EL-process and you will start to fall apart exuberantly (codefactorial decomposing of the individual).

Naturally these techniques aren’t new nor or they specific to the Cathedral, as the Cathedral’s Central Authoring Process i got them from ancient stuff from the ecstatic Kabbalah,  folks like  Abraham Abulafia, see Moshe Idel’s book (The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia ISBN 0-88706-553-8).

The Splitting EL

The initial Splitting EL is of considerable difficulty and shouldn’t be attempted by beginners. The Experienced Reciter of the ELfabet has sufficient Windows open to say the Initial EL in all its Becoming-Duality, they actually see it happen as they pronounce it watch it slipping their throats, bouncing of the flesh of their lips and setting the surrounding air ablaze in a manifold of directions.



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